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Interior Panelling

Add style to your indoor project with modern interior wall cladding from Freefoam. Geo-panel® provides a stylish and cost-effective alternative to tiling, whilst maintaining benefits such as waterproofing and easy cleaning.

GET8ICBL Internal Corner (Standard range)

Type: Trim Code: GET8ICBL

Black Trim

GET8ICWH Internal Corner (Standard range)

Type: Trim Code: GET8ICWH

Silver Trim

GET8SMSI Scotia Moulding

Type: Trim Code: GET8SMSI

Silver Trim

GET8SMWH Scotia Moulding

Type: Trim Code: GET8SMWH

White Trim


Type: Trim Code: GET8HTWH

White Trim


Type: Trim Code: GET8HTBL

Black Trim


Type: Trim Code: GET8HTSI

Silver Trim

GET7AICSA Internal Corner Satin (Aluminium)

Type: Corner Code: GET7AICSA

Alumnium Satin

GET7AICWH Internal Corner White (Aluminim)

Type: Corner Code: GET7AICWH

Alumnium White

GET7UTSI End U (Wide Range)

Type: Trim Code: GET7UTSI

Silver Trim

GET7UTWH End U (Wide Range)

Type: Trim Code: GET7UTWH

White Trim

GET7ECWH External Corner (Wide Range)

Type: Corner Code: GET7ECWH

White Trim

Interior Panelling Brands

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Panelling Made Easy Geo-panel® is a range of PVC interior decorative panelling which provides developers and installers with a stylish, modern and convenient product. Geo-panel is a cost-effective and practical alternative to tiling and other conventional materials. It provides a smooth, decorative and waterproof wall covering for new and...

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